About Me

Professional Golfer turned ambitious Solopreneur

Results-oriented & personalized consulting, project implementation with athletic ambition.

My Background

Let's go
More than 15 years of experience in digital marketing
I love them all as well
20+ satisfied customers in automotive, banking, food, industry, and sports
My first big passion
Former German national player & professional athlete (golf)
With hat and cord - indeed
MBA - Master of Science - Business Administration
Diamond hands all day
Almost seven years of knowledge & experience in cryptocurrencies - NFT strategist for over a year

In 15 years of international competitive sports, I lived specific values that are now a central basis for my work as a marketing expert:


I spent 15 years preparing for my debut as a professional golfer. There was one or the other storm that put me to the test.


Competitive sports are challenging and also not fair.

Dealing with victories and defeats

Only those who get up one more time than they go down can win.

Striving for constant optimization and improvement

Progress is an aspect of happiness for me. I'm a "the best or nothing" kind of person, and I have no desire to do anything mediocre.


I've always enjoyed competitive sports the most as a team. Whether on the national team, college team, or club team. Shared joy is the greatest joy.


You can't do competitive sports without it, and you can't do your job without it, either.


If you don't know where you're going, you can't get there.

Bernhard Neumann
„Meine Motivation, wonach ich strebe, ist es, herauszufinden, wie eine Sache bestmöglich gemacht werden kann und dann zu sehen, ob ich das auch hinbekomme. Das ist für mich spannend. Alles andere ist am Ende des Tages Zeitver­schwen­dung. So war das früher im Sport und so ist es jetzt bei meiner Marketingarbeit”